Where to Buy

We're continually expanding by making Pacific Pastures Natural Grass fed Beef available in California specialty markets and dining establishments.

Can't find a location near you? Buy online at our parent company, Eel River Organic Beef where you will find various cuts of Pacific Pastures beef.

If you would like your grocer to start carrying Pacific Pastures 100% Natural Grass Fed Beef, make sure to ask and send him or her to our website to learn more about our beef!

Pacific Pastures is dedicated to raising cattle in a traditional and sustainable manner, and because we maintain a smaller operation overall, you will only find Pacific Pastures Natural Grass Fed Beef in selected stores that share our commitment to sustainable land use, animal welfare, efficient energy usage, and conservation of wildlife and the environment.

Contact us for any questions about Pacific Pastures 100% Natural Grass Fed Beef or to give us your feedback. We always appreciate hearing from our customers.